Booming Construction Industry Sparks Ripple Effect

Here at Spec on the Job, we come in contact with a multitude of employers and skilled workers in a variety of industries, including construction, trucking, and industrial work. But what really makes us happy is when an industry we work with sparks a boom in another.

The rising rate of commercial and residential construction in the past year has created a growing need for truck drivers to deliver materials to job sites. Residential construction is growing at an all time high pace, breaking records that haven’t been broken since 1991. The most recent recordings say that over one million homes started construction in April, up more than 20% from March. And more are projected to be constructed over the coming months as summer months approach. Residential and commercial construction rates will only continue to rise.

The ever growing number of new homes being constructed will cause a booming increase in the need for truck drivers to complete shipments for construction companies. The spark in construction will cause a boom in the general economy as well, as more Americans with jobs in the construction and trucking industries will have more surplus income.

These projections make us hopeful that these industries will continue to grow at these tremendous rates for a long time!

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