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The Decrease of Worker Salary in California’s Construction Industry

For decades, the worker salary in California’s construction industry has been trending downwards.  In 1973, the hourly wage of a U.S. construction worker was $31.84, while in 2016, the wage is $25.97 (adjusted for inflation).  Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and show the drop in construction worker pay as mirroring the reduction of worker …

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Colleges and Construction Companies Partnering for the Future of the Construction Industry

We recently told you about the skilled labor shortage the construction industry is facing.  In just a few years, without any proactive change, the shortage will become significantly worse.  This is why many construction companies are looking outside the current labor pool.  Many companies are partnering with colleges to get students interested in a construction …

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Implementing Drones on Your Construction Site

Previously we have discussed the benefits of using drones on construction sites.  In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration made it a bit easier for the construction industry to use unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial use.  Part 107 of the FAA rules sets clear guidelines for using drones for commercial construction purposes or otherwise.  However, Part …

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