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October 2018 Job Numbers

The latest job numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics point to an economy that continues to grow. Analysts had expected the economy to grow by 189,000 jobs in October, but the actual number was 227,000. Construction and manufacturing each added 17,000. Trade, transportation, and utilities added a combined total of 61,000 new jobs. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 3.7%. …

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Emotional Intelligence In Hiring

Here’s a common story. A job candidate looks great “on paper” – educated, experienced, and bearing letters of reference. But when the candidate comes in for an interview, something just doesn’t click with the hiring manager. The problem could be that the candidate doesn’t have high “emotional intelligence.” But what is emotional intelligence? And how …

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Illegal Job Interview Questions – What You Need To Know

It’s important for job seekers to know their rights when it comes to illegal job interview questions. It’s also important for hiring managers to educate themselves on what questions they need to steer clear of. Not only because they could get in legal trouble. But because asking about certain topics, even unintentionally, could make candidates …

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