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Short and Long Haul: Choosing the Right Fit

The differences between short and long haul trucking make them very different career choices. Some key differences are present between the two varieties of trucking. These include pay, travel distance, career outlook, and time commitment. These important differences make it easier for new truck drivers to differentiate between the two career options. Pay Although money …

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Retain Drivers: A Few Tips

This article will provide a few tips which could help retain drivers. Unfortunately, carrier companies within the trucking industry experience a fairly high turnover amongst their drivers. Often times truck drivers change carrier companies because they are unhappy with compensation or equipment. These are a few tips that could help reduce the turnover in your company …

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Staffing Agency: The Solution

Employers are faced with numerous problems regarding the hiring process that are eliminated by working with a staffing agency. These problems can include high turnover, under staffing, long term employee benefits, and payroll. By taking these problems out of the hands of employers, staffing agencies have proven their worth and become integral to the economy. The …

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