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Unconscious Gender Bias in the Blue-Collar Industries

Hundreds, if not thousands, of years of culture and gender pigeon holing can be hard to shirk off.  Some jobs are considered “too hard” or “inappropriate” for one gender or the other.  Regardless of anti-discrimination laws and how hard we try these notions are often too deeply ingrained in us.  We still have an unconscious …

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Blue-Collar Industries Facing Massive Skills Shortage

A significant labor shortage is on the way in more than just the trucking industry.  Blue-collar industries such as manufacturing, trades, and construction will be soon facing the same problem.  In the trucking industry, the lion share of the truckers are nearing retirement age with not enough new incoming drivers to replace them.  The need …

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Exoskeletons and the Possible Future of Manufacturing

Labor level manufacturing can be back breaking work.  The creation and implementation of exoskeletons could be a possible future for manufacturing.  We’ve previously discussed self-driving trucks.  At this point in time the self-driving truck is still a long way off.  That’s because the human equation in driving cannot be separated from trucking.  There are too …

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