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Hurricane Season And The Aftermath

Hurricane Florence barreled into the southeast on Friday. The storm snapped power lines, flooded roads, and shuttered businesses. So far the storm has claimed 32 lives, and total damage estimates sit between $17 and $22 billion. According to several estimates, the storm is among the top ten costliest hurricanes in U.S. history. Florence devastated the …

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2018 Manufacturing Outlook

Back in November 2017, economists were confident that manufacturing was about to come roaring back in the U.S. after decades of decline. Now new analysis is painting a more modest, yet still optimistic picture of the state of American manufacturing in 2018.   Jobs Down, Efficiency Up American manufacturing hit an all-time high in 1979. Back …

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Can Self-Healing Concrete Fix Our Crumbling Bridges?

During his State of the Union address on January 30, President Trump announced a $1.5 trillion proposal to fix “crumbling infrastructure.” His comments came just two days before the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) reported that 54,259 of the nation’s bridges are “structurally deficient.” It’s clear that something needs to be done.   …

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