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The Top 5 Largest OSHA Fines

OSHA keeps workers safe by providing information, training and assistance to both employers and laborers. But another tool it uses to stop workers from getting injured or killed on the job is fining companies that don’t follow safety rules. OSHA breaks violations down into three categories, each with a different monetary penalty: Serious and Other-Than-Serious: $12,934 per …

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Top Trucking Hazards

In a previous article I talked about the top hazards that supervisors and workers need to watch out for on construction sites. Today I’m going to take a look at the top hazards faced by commercial truck drivers. The injury rates for tractor-trailer and small-delivery-truck drivers are higher than the national average across all occupations. …

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Top 5 Construction Hazards

The spring construction season is in full swing. Thousands of workers who were sidelined by winter weather have headed back to work. Because worker safety is of the highest priority, OSHA keeps a running list of the top construction hazards. 1. Scaffolding Scaffold-related incidents cause an estimated 4,500 injuries and 50 fatalities each year. What supervisors …

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