Ease your Job Search with these Tips

Trying to find jobs can be a rather daunting task. For example, there are probably several thousand positions in your field, but not many would match up. Luckily, there are several tips you can implement in your job search strategy that will help ease the stressful process.

Personalize your Web Presence with Ease

Customizing your resume, cover letter, and portfolio for a particular job is crucial to getting the interviews you’re striving for. In addition, make sure all of your social media profiles tell a cohesive story.

  • One way to customize your application is to use a word cloud generator. By using a word generator, you can extract the terms used the most in the job description.
  • Also, look for themes between responsibilities and qualities. If the job description repeats a desired quality, it stresses the importance of that quality.

Don’t be Limited by Formal Applications

Make connections with the people you interact with. No matter what stage of your career you’re in, it won’t hurt to reach out to colleagues. They just might know the right person that can help you land an interview. Jobvite estimates that while employee referrals make up only 7% of applications, they account for 40% of all hires.

Reflect on Why you Want a Certain Position

Interview questions for the most part stay the same. However, many people still stumble through the basic questions regardless of how many interviews they’ve had. Relocate this process to the top of your job search to-do list.

  • Try to not wait until the night before an interview to try and figure out why you want a position.
  • Instead, consider writing out your answers to basic interview questions before you even have an interview. Being prepared will go a long way.

Be as Specific as Possible

Instead of just clicking through pages and pages of Indeed.com looking for jobs, try specialized sites. The companies that prioritize the interview experience also value career development. For example, check out:

  • Sales Gravy: Sales jobs
  • JournalismJobs.com & Mediabistro: writers
  • Inbound.org: marketing positions

Timing is Everything

A study by Bright.com found that people who apply on Monday are most likely to advance in the hiring process. Nearly one in three job seekers who applied on a Monday moved forward in the process.  A separate study by SmartRecruiters found that most people apply for jobs on a Tuesday. 21.5% of hiring decisions are also made on a Tuesday.

  • Use the weekend to get your cover letter and resume ready to go. Then submit your application on Monday.

Organization is Key

An average of 118 people apply for any given job. Since you’ll most likely be applying for many jobs, it is important to keep a record of the ones you apply for.

  • Make an organized spreadsheet. Include the date you applied, who you listed as references, as well as the name and email of the hiring manager.
  • A general rule of thumb is to include more information than you think you need.

For a few more tips on how to ease your job search visit: http://bit.ly/2fJ1NVT