CDL A & B Drivers

We provide safe, responsible drivers to help you get the job done.

We at Spec on the Job are your answer for both long-term and short-term truck driver staffing. We know the difficulties you  face when trying to find qualified drivers, as well as ensuring they stay compliant with DOT regulations and match the needs of your company’s ever fluctuating business volume. We have solutions to many challenges through our reliable, consistent and unrelenting focus on excellent client service.

We Find The Best Drivers

The same old challenge is still around; having too many truck driving jobs with too few drivers to fill them. Experts have already predicted a 10-year long shortfall of drivers with no end in sight.

So what does Spec on the Job do to supply the best qualified drivers to meet your demands? We create and build a spiral of success to benefit both clients and drivers alike by approaching the problem from our sound understanding of both sides:

  1. We treat our drivers like human beings, not commodities. We offer them a positive employment experience, so they see the value and want to be a part of it.
  2. By matching motivated drivers with the needs of our clients, we attract a broad range of job postings that drivers want. In turn that draws in even more safe, hard-working and qualified drivers.

Rigorous Screening & Recruitment Standards

When any of our drivers step into a vehicle of yours, you can be confident that they have been fully screened and qualified. We understand that your business depends on that, and ours does too. We have a ‘Best in Class’ 10-step process. Our operations and recruiting staff are trained to hold interviews, screenings, and to process potential drivers based on up to date Safety, Accountability (CSA), and DOT & Compliance regulations and standards.

The following steps are taken to ensure we provide top-class professional CDL drivers:

  1. Exceed the ‘Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations’.
  2. Maintain Complete files for each driver’s DOT Driver qualifications.
  3. Enrollment in the pull notice program
  4. Enforce very strict experience requirements in all driver categories.
  5. Pre-screening behavioral testing for each driver.
  6. County by County criminal background checks for each driver.
  7. Enroll each driver into drug awareness programs giving them alcohol and drug education, awareness and random testing

How we Hire Drivers

We screen, recruit, hire, and then place professional drivers at locations across North America. Anytime you’re in need of responsible CDL drivers, our team has the right solution for you. At Spec on the Job, we will lower your compliance and employment risks by providing you with certified and experienced CDL drivers.

Our drivers go through careful screening so you can be confident they are safe, qualified and will be an asset to your commercial fleet. Aside from our rigorous application, we have a 5-step process for hiring that includes the following:

  1. A Formal Application
  2. New Hire Paperwork
  3. In-Person or Phone Interview
  4. Verification and Screening (background checks, drug screening, employment, etc.)
  5. Online Pre-screening


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