Month: April 2018

Unconscious Bias In Hiring

The subject of unconscious bias in the workplace made national news this month. On April 12, an employee at a Starbucks location in Philadelphia called police on two customers who were waiting for a friend. The two men were later arrested for allegedly trespassing, even after witnesses told the police that the pair had done …

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Top Trucking Hazards

In a previous article I talked about the top hazards that supervisors and workers need to watch out for on construction sites. Today I’m going to take a look at the top hazards faced by commercial truck drivers. The injury rates for tractor-trailer and small-delivery-truck drivers are higher than the national average across all occupations. …

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Diesel, Lumber, And Staffing News – April 11, 2018

      National Average Price Per Gallon: $3.043   Geopolitical concerns raised crude prices on Tuesday after President Trump canceled a scheduled trip to South America. The President canceled the trip to meet with military officials to discuss the situation in Syria. Reports that Saudi Arabian officials are seeking $80 per barrel on Brent …

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