5 Misleading Myths About Getting a Job Through a Staffing Agency

1) You can’t get a “real job” through a staffing company, only a temporary position.

The Reality: Staffing companies provide you with a “real job” even though it may be on a temporary basis. Many employers figure in a budget for both full time and temporary employees. Even though you are a temporary employee, you have a better chance of turning that position into a permanent one by proving you are an asset to their company.


2): Jobs provided by staffing companies don’t pay as well as if you would have obtained the job on your own.

Most people think that staffing companies only deal with entry level positions, but many of the jobs offered through these companies are specialized positions that require skilled workers.

The Reality: Your pay is not dependent on how you acquired the position. Employers value your work and want to compensate you for the time that you put into their company.


3) Placement with a company only lasts a short period, most likely a few weeks.

The Reality: It all depends on the assignment. You could be placed in a position that lasts a few days or a job that lasts a few weeks or longer. But if you prove that you want to make the position last longer than its intended assignment time, the company could hire you as a full time employee. The non-permanent nature of the jobs allows you to have a trial period with different companies and see what you are looking for when you decide to commit to a company for a full time position.


4) The positions offered through staffing companies are meant for entry level workers.

The Reality: In the past, this may have been the case but in today’s job market, companies use staffing agencies to fill professional and specialized positions. Staffing companies want to place individuals in positions that will further their careers and help them make a name for themselves in the industry.


5) Jobs offered through staffing companies do not offer benefits.

The Reality: This is completely dependent on the staffing company. A variety of benefits including 401k, medical/dental coverage, and other “real” company benefits can be offered. The staffing companies are in place to help you advance in your career path.







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