Adventure Awaits for Millennials in Trucking

Millennials are becoming the largest generation in United States history and already account for a quarter of the U.S. population. The Millennial generation is also more diverse than previous generations with a steadily increasing percentage of minorities. Not only that, but the millennial generation is motivated less by money, and more by adventure and excitement. These facts are important to the trucking industry, because of the lack of drivers that companies are experiencing. The hugely diverse millennial generation is the answer to the lack of drivers, that the industry has been waiting for.


The trucking industry has been misrepresented for many years. As a job, truck driving offers numerous advantages, some of which are: travel, availability of work, demand for drivers, and time to reflect while on the job. These are only a few of the upsides of becoming a truck driver. This type of job which offers freedom and the possibility for travel is very appealing to members of the millennial generation.


Attracting millennials could be the best move available to employers within the trucking industry. Not only is the millennial generation the largest and most diverse generation to date, it is also filled with people looking for the kind of freedom and peace of mind often found in a job like truck driving. This means that there is a huge untapped source of drivers waiting to be recruited. The number of qualified truck drivers has been diminishing in recent years. This decrease has negatively affected employers and the industry as a whole. The best solution to this new problem is for employers to start reaching out to members of the millennial generation.

How to Attract Millenials 

In order to bring more millennials into the trucking industry, a conscious effort must be made to highlight the good sides of a career in trucking. This can be done in a number of ways, the easiest being social media, and other forms of marketing. Millennials are more in touch with social media and other websites used for marketing than any other generation. This means that there is an audience waiting to be contacted. The benefits of a career in trucking, such as freedom and travel are ones that are sought after by many millennials. This means that with the right marketing strategy the driver shortage within the trucking industry could be cleared up in no time.

Bottom Line

The millennial generation is both large and diverse. It also seems as though with the growing shortage of qualified drivers, the best course of action for employers in the industry is to reach out to millennials in order to generate interest in trucking careers. The trucking industry is both rewarding and exciting. These characteristics are what would make it a big hit with millennials!



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