Apps for Truckers: New Efficiency

The trucking industry is being made more efficient with the arrival of new apps on the market. This new line of apps is working to eliminate wasted trips for truckers, as well as other problems holding the industry back. The main aspect of the industry being reformed by these new apps is the process by which freight brokers connect truck drivers with cargo.

The App

The new app being developed on the west coast that could end the need for freight brokers is called Convoy. Brokers find drivers for available cargo, and sometimes spend hours calling around. The new app plans to make this process more efficient by allowing drivers to choose their cargo and their jobs through the app instead of relying on a middleman of some kind. This app also allows people who have cargo that needs to be transported to immediately book a carrier and ensure the delivery will be made in an efficient manner.

Freight Brokers

Freight brokers connect drivers with freight that needs to be transported. This process can take hundreds of phone calls and many wasted hours. Although connecting drivers with cargo is a necessary task, middlemen are an outdated way of getting the job done. Freight brokers add a step to the process which the apps being developed in 2016 seem to be eliminating.

Truck Drivers

The introduction of an app that eliminates the need for a middleman has huge significance for drivers. Without having to contact a freight broker for every new job, drivers can open their app and find cargo that is convenient for them to transport. This new method will increase efficiency in the trucking industry which will lead to more money in the pockets of truck drivers. One possible scenario in which this app could boost profits for drivers is returning home empty, they can instead log into Convoy and find new business for the trip home without the hassle of contacting a freight broker.


Convoy has huge benefits for shippers. Instead of contacting a broker to find a carrier for cargo, a shipper can now sign up for the app and locate the nearest driver almost instantly. This will allow shipments to be sent out far more efficiently which will drive profits up for both shippers and drivers. Even small increases in efficiency can help shippers, but the boost that Convoy will bring is by no means small.

This new app makes the process of connecting cargo with drivers more efficient. It allows clients to instantly find available drivers for their freight without the need for a freight broker. We hope this information has been helpful, and that you are as excited for the future of trucking as we are at Spec!



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