Avoid Mistakes: Construction Guide

Mistakes on a worksite can be costly and even dangerous. One of the most common causes of mistakes on construction worksites is a breakdown in communication. In order to avoid mistakes, it is important to remember the points discussed in this article. Misunderstandings can lead to vastly different understandings of instructions and guidelines. This kind of disconnect can be detrimental in a detail orientated environment such as a work zone.

Document Manager

The Document Manager is a very important role within any project. Making sure that important data is organized and communicated correctly all falls on the shoulders of the Document manager. This means that there is a lot of opportunity for error with this particular link in the chain. In order to avoid mistakes on the work site, it is important to keep the document manager up to speed. This can be accomplished by automating some of the tasks that are traditionally done manually. These can include handling project information, processing data, and interpreting 3D as well as 2D job plans. By automating these processes and incorporating technology into the Document Manager’s job, errors can be easily eliminated.

Organization in the Workforce

Often times there is a lack of efficiency that exists between workers with different jobs. This is where communication and technology can combine to make a difference. By connecting document managers and superintendents more efficiently it would be possible to reduce a lot of wasted time and resources. In some situations, a superintendent will be forced to wait as the document manager accesses a certain file. By connecting the two workers through technology the superintendent could be working while the document manager is processing his request.

Tools of the Trade

Proper instruction and training are of the utmost importance for preventing costly or dangerous mistakes on the job site. If everyone on the workforce is well trained the likely hood of frequent mistakes diminishes greatly. Knowing how to use tools and equipment correctly can often prevent dangerous work site situations. This means that having an effective training program for new workers and a refresher course for old timers is very important if you want to avoid mistakes.

The Bottom Line

Mistakes on a job site can cause a loss of resources, time, or even in the worst case workers. This should be prevented at all costs. In order to avoid mistakes, it is important to remember to promote effective coordination between the document manager and superintendent. Not only is cooperation between workers important for efficiency, but so is effective training for general workers. This includes refresher courses for workers who may have worked in construction for many years. We hope these tips help keep your worksite safe and successful!



Source: Construction Dive






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