Choosing the Right Staffing Partner

There are several reasons and benefits to using a staffing partner.  A couple of the most key reasons are the desire to minimize turnover and reduce hiring costs.  Not all staffing agencies are created equal.  Choosing the right staffing partner is more than just selecting the most popular.  Finding the staffing partner for your specific needs is possible.  Once partnered with a staffing agency you will see your hiring and labor costs go down.  A staffing partner can also help you with reducing turnover, leaving you with the time to run your business in other aspects.  Here are some things to consider when choosing the right staffing partner for your business.



A staffing industry that provides “all kinds” of workers is not as great as it sounds.  The wider variety of jobs a staffing firm staffs means they will need that much more expertise.  Therefore, the best staffing agencies specialize in a particular industry.  Some examples are agencies that specialize in finance, health care, IT, or the blue collar industries.  However, if you are looking for a staffing partner to help staff your blue collar general labor jobs, you would not go to a health care or IT staffing agency.  That is where Spec Personnel comes in.  Spec specializes in the blue collar industries: construction, light industrial, CDL drivers, and skilled trades.  Our recruiters know the industries to ensure the right workers are put out on the right job.


Screening Process

When handing over the hiring to a staffing partner you need to be able to trust the people they are sending you.  You should always ask about a potential staffing partner’s screening process.  If you are hiring CDL A Drivers, the potential partner should know all about the mandatory DOT regulations.  Staffing agencies will also cover these fees such as running background checks and drug screens.  The screening process goes beyond just filling out an application.  Our recruiters interview our potential workers to find out where they can be best utilized in the work force.


Years in Business

While this is not a 100% sure fire way to know if a staffing agency can be trusted and successful, it is a strong indicator.  Staffing agencies that have been around for a long time will have more clients and larger candidate databases.  As well, a staffing agency that has been in business for several years will also have testimonials from their clients and candidates.


Market Reputation

Speaking of testimonials, a successful staffing agency will have good rapport with clients just like your business.  Furthermore, an agency that has been around long enough and had success will have a good reputation.  You should feel comfortable with asking a potential staffing partner to provide a list of references / companies that they currently work with.  Spec Personnel has materials listing the companies we work with readily available to provide to any business looking for a staffing partner.



A good potential staffing partner will have specialization, a solid screening process, several years under their belt, and a good reputation in the industry and with clients.  It starts with asking questions.  By focusing on these few aspects, you can easily compare to find which staffing agency will be the best partner for your business.






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