Cold Winter Put a Halt to Trucking

February 2014 was the coldest and most severe winter in recent history for the Midwest, Eastern, and Southeastern United States. The harshness of the winter threw a wrench in the transport plans for trucking industries. In late January 2014, a large body of arctic air moved further south, bringing storm after storm and subzero temperatures. The polar vortex covered most of America’s freight network in the eastern two-thirds of the United States. This article will mention how the cold winter caused some issues for trucking companies.

Cold Winter: Transport America Gives Final Say

Transport America are the ones who give drivers the final say on whether or not they are able to drive. The purpose of fleet leaders is to ensure that drivers stay safe. As a result, leaders try to maintain a “Safety first” mentality.

The president at Transport America even gives out his cell phone number to drivers so they can notify him if they feel unsafe. He says he never wants drivers to feel like they are being asked to do something unsafe.

Some Drivers Did Not Use Best Judgment

There were quite a few drivers who did not shut down and kept driving. As a result, there were loss-of-control accidents and rear-end collisions. Both of these types of accidents occurred due to drivers who decided to keep driving. Some decided to keep moving as they were feeling the stress to make money.

Some Tips for Drivers in Cold Winter Weather

  • Make sure you know the latest weather forecasts.
  • Keep open lines of communication with your fleet leader or trucking company.
  • When in doubt slow down and pull over.
  • It’s better to be safe and sorry than to cause an accident.



Original source: CCJ Digital






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