Construction Market Innovations in Nashville

Recently the construction market in Nashville has been thriving with new advancements in order to manage an increased growth rate. These are several of the methods the Nashville construction industry is using to overcome and adapt to challenges while increasing efficiency and cutting costs.


Prefabrication and Modular Construction

The availability of labor in today’s growing market is constantly being stretched thin. To combat this issue, many Nashville construction managers have adapted to using prefabrication and modular construction.

Prefabrication is the assembly of building components in a controlled environment away from a construction site. It can range from assembled HVAC units to complete bathroom pods that are installed onsite. Modular construction is similar to prefabrication but on a larger scale. Entire structures are built in pieces offsite and assembled like a puzzle once the arrive at their destination.

Both of these methods drastically reduce the need for onsite labor, addressing the skilled labor shortage in the current market. They also improve quality and safety standards because design and assembly take place in a controlled environment.


Lean Construction

Lean construction is the practice of using more efficient approaches to the construction process to eliminate wasted time, money, and energy. This increase in efficiency is achieved through a variety of innovative methods such as just-in-time delivery and specialization. Just-in-time delivery ensures that materials are delivered on site as they are needed and not before, eliminating wasted resources. Specialization increases productivity by breaking up the construction process into pieces. These actions cut back on waste and improve overall efficiency.


Technology & Sustainability in the Construction Market

New technology, such as the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), can significantly reduce onsite costs while improving the overall coordination and flow of assignments. Using BIM allows for the creation of a three-dimensional model of construction projects. This can be used to store vital details about the dimensions, measurements, and specifications of each design which allows for the sharing of information among construction managers and engineers. The results of this improved communication are smooth and well-coordinated projects with less room for error.

Other technologies like natural ventilation, solar hot-water heating, and geothermal heating and cooling can be implemented to provide efficient alternatives to traditional home comforts.

With all of these advancements, it is easy to see how the Nashville market is working ahead of the game to provide the best in low-cost, detailed, and efficient construction.



Source: Tennessean, Visually






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