Construction Rates on the Rise

The rebound continues in the construction industry with the highest rates of employment in June compared to the last 14 years. Records have been broken for long workweeks as well.

Construction workers are working long days, close to 40 hours a week, which is the highest number for summer working hours since 1947. Contractors are trying to keep up with the demand for work, but the expanding job market makes it difficult for contractors to find laborers. At Spec on the Job, we have resources that will give you the laborers necessary to keep up with the demanding pace of construction.

The overall June report brings hope for the future of employment in the construction industry in the US. The unemployment rate fell  to 5.3%, which is the lowest seen since April 2008. Average hourly earnings are up almost 2% as well which brings hope to laborers that have struggled since the rise in unemployment. Employment in the construction industry is up 4.2% from previous months.

Construction spending has increased dramatically in previous months, being led by nonresidential construction. The hope is that residential and single family home construction rates will start to rise as well. But for now these rates give hope for construction laborers and contractors.






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