Creating a Safer Job Site In Construction Staffing

When embarking on filling your construction staffing needs, it is a great idea to have a page in your application containing “General Safety Rules”. Construction of almost every nature is riskier than most occupations so it is important everyone knows the safety rules, especially people new to the industry. Because of the larger risk for injury the workers compensation rates follow suit. A goal of most construction firms is to lower their cost for workers comp and this could be one of the tools used.

This is a good practice for a number of reasons:

  • It shows the applicant the company is concerned with having a safe work environment.
  • The company is concerned with the employee safety.
  • Tells applicants that unsafe practices will not be tolerated
  • Tells the general rules the employees are expected to follow with regard to safety.
  • It could deter potential workers comp fraud.


Workers comp fraud is rampant in the construction industry and these rules show applicants you are serious about safety. Many perpetrators are looking for a company that is easy pray and your formalities in this regard help show them you mean business.

I mention this as a useful tool in construction staffing but it can be just as effective in warehouse staffing, driver staffing and manufacturer staffing.

I will post more blogs in the near future to address tips on how to deter workers comp fraud in the beginning of the construction staffing process.






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