Debunking the 5 Most Common Staffing Agency Myths

A staffing agency is a fantastic resource when you’re in need of a new job. The rate of unemployment is low but steady. For many, the process of searching for a new job is long and daunting. The benefits of starting your job search with a staffing agency are many. Yet  often people refrain from utilizing the services a staffing agency offers. This is because they have heard widely circulated staffing agency myths. These myths minimize or reject the claim that these establishments can place qualified workers in a variety of positions. If you happen to be someone considering the use of a staffing agency and want the facts on how they can benefit your job search, keep reading as we debunk 5 of the most common myths about staffing agencies.


MYTH #1: Staffing Agencies Only Provide Temporary Employment Opportunities

It is a common preconceived notion that staffing agencies are only able to benefit the desperate, hard-working, and able bodied, employee. These workers are often in search of various temp jobs. Temps jobs sometime require long hours of manual labor and traditionally pay a lower wage. These jobs are certainly an option for someone in search of them. However, you’ll be happy to find out that staffing agencies offer all types of jobs for all types of people. Manual labor not your thing? Not to worry – staffing agencies have placed many people in long-term and permanent employment positions in a variety of fields. Staffing agencies will even submit your resume on your behalf to companies who may benefit from your particular skill set.


MYTH #2: Staffing Agencies are Expensive to Use

Actually, employers compensate the staffing agency who hires you. Hiring through a staffing agency saves the employer valuable time and resources. Employers typically don’t mind paying a small fee in exchange for your hard work.


MYTH #3: Using More Than One Staffing Agency Will Increase Your Odds of Being Hired

On the contrary, using more than one staffing agency simultaneously can hurt your chances of becoming hired. If the same potential employer receives your resume several times from several staffing agencies, your resume is likely to be discarded due to the excessive level of persistence. As well, creating a strong relationship with a staffing agency will increase your odds of gaining employment because the agency has that trust built with you.


MYTH #4: Staffing Agencies Are Limited to Manual Labor Employment Opportunities

Whether you’re an entry-level candidate or you have a long history as an executive at a successful business, you can benefit from using a staffing agency. It is always more beneficial to have several people marketing you than to do so individually. Staffing agency employees have the training and skills to locate a variety of employment opportunities tailored to the individual seeking employment.


MYTH #5: You Won’t Make a Substantial Income Securing Employment Through a Staffing Agency

Remember, with a staffing agency on your team, you have the negotiating power of a team of professionals. They also understand the industry that you are seeking employment in. Staffing agencies have the position to market your skills and abilities in a way that is appealing to companies seeking to add quality employees to their roster. This makes them the best at negotiating a salary or rate of pay that you are sure to earn your satisfaction.



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