Diesel And Lumber Prices – March 19, 2019

Diesel Prices

Current diesel national average $3.070 per gallon.

National Average Diesel Price Per Gallon: $3.070

Oil markets are in a state of anticipation as traders analyze the latest comments from Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih.

Al-Falih said on Sunday, March 17 that OPEC and its non-OPEC allied producers will “stay the course” in terms of their plan to cut production in an effort to stabilize oil prices.

“$60-70 is the pain threshold that works both for the U.S. (and OPEC),” Christyan Malek of JPMorgan said in response. “[Saudi Arabia wants to] protect the price around $70 and therefore we don’t see that changing even in the context of U.S. production moving higher.”


Crude Oil & Natural Gas


Units Current Price 1 Week Ago Change vs. 1 Week Ago
West Texas Intermediate Crude
per barrel $59.04 $67.34 -8.30
Brent Crude 
per barrel $67.59 $67.22 +0.37
Natural Gas 
MMBtu $2.86 $2.76 +0.10


Refined Products (U.S. Average)


Units Current Price 1 Week Ago Change vs. 1 Week Ago
Diesel per gallon $3.070 $3.079 -0.009
Gasoline per gallon $2.548 $2.471 +0.077
Heating Oil per gallon $3.229 $3.234 -0.005
Propane per gallon $2.414 $2.425 -0.011



Lumber Prices

Framing Lumber: $362

Structural Panels/Plywood: $377

Framing lumber trading picked up, but only is markets experiencing warmer weather after several weeks of snow and rain throughout most of the country. Recent snowstorms in the Northeast continued to depress trading in that market.

Price trends were mixed in the structural panel market, leading only to mild price shifts and measured trading.


Framing Lumber & Plywood Products

Current 1 Week Ago 2 Weeks Ago Change vs. 1 Week Ago
Framing Lumber Index $362 $364 $377 -$2
Structural Panel
$377 $378 $378 -$1


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