Diesel And Lumber Prices – March 27, 2019

Diesel Prices

Current diesel national average $3.080 per gallon.

National Average Diesel Price Per Gallon: $3.080

Back in February the International Energy Agency warned that global oil supply was on track to outpace demand.

However, analyst Helima Crof of RBC Capital Markets has a positive outlook on the future of oil prices.

“The question is, what does Donald Trump do in May? Does he try to take more Iranian exports off the market? Does he also try to impose secondary sanctions on Venezuela and force Venezuela’s importers out of the market?” Croft asked. “I think those are the sort of bull stories for oil.”


Crude Oil & Natural Gas


Units Current Price 1 Week Ago Change vs. 1 Week Ago
West Texas Intermediate Crude
per barrel $59.82 $59.04 +0.78
Brent Crude 
per barrel $68.13 $67.59 +0.54
Natural Gas 
MMBtu $2.71 $2.86 -0.15


Refined Products (U.S. Average)


Units Current Price 1 Week Ago Change vs. 1 Week Ago
Diesel per gallon $3.080 $3.070 +0.010
Gasoline per gallon $2.623 $2.548 +0.075
Heating Oil per gallon $3.219 $3.229 -0.010
Propane per gallon $2.410 $2.414 -0.004



Lumber Prices

Framing Lumber: $361

Structural Panels/Plywood: $374

Framing lumber prices were inconsistent last week, leading to uncertainty for both buyers and sellers about market trends.

Despite warmer weather, structural panel sales lacked urgency. Prices across producing regions were mixed amid uneven demand.


Framing Lumber & Plywood Products

Current 1 Week Ago 2 Weeks Ago Change vs. 1 Week Ago
Framing Lumber Index $361 $362 $364 -$1
Structural Panel
$374 $377 $378 -$3


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