Diesel, Lumber, And Staffing News – October 30, 2018





National average diesel price per gallon: $3.355

National Average Diesel Price Per Gallon: $3.36

Oil prices are up 17% so far this year, helped along by fears over U.S. sanctions against Iran and the diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

“(Oil) prices may soften a little but I think they are going to probably stay over $70 a barrel in the short to medium-term,” said Brian Gilvary, CFO of BP.






Framing lumber: $346

Panels/plywood: $391

Some lumber products saw modest increases in sales last week. However, trading in most products lacked follow-through, leading to a disappointing market performance.

Prices also continued to lose ground in the structural panel products market. Price increases were posted for some individual products, but the market saw quiet trading activity overall.






With the largest U.S. retailers planning to hire more than half a million workers this holiday season, competition for new hires is getting fierce. Many retailers are getting creative in their recruitment pushes for qualified seasonal employees.

J.C. Penney is trying to entire workers by offering a 25% discount. The company is also offering chances to win vacations and gift packages worth up to $5.000.

Meanwhile, Kohl’s has always offered workers a 35% discount on certain days. But this year it’s promoting the discount more heavily, as well as offering gift card contests for perfect attendance.

Target – in addition to raising its starting wage to $12 per hour – is holding $500 gift card drawings. And Macy’s is making seasonal employees eligible for a new bonus program that before was only available to year-round staff.






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