Drone Delivery: Help or Hindrance to Trucking?

The future of delivery services may include some major changes if the surging drone industry has anything to say about it. The proponents behind this idea imagine a delivery truck having a hatch for a drone to fly out of carrying a cardboard box that is deposited on the doorstep of a home. As the truck continues its route, the drone will catch up in time for the next delivery. Drone delivery is in the works. This article will seek to highlight both the benefits and concerns of using drone delivery.


Clash of Companies

Companies are on board with the drone delivery system. They see it as a way to increase driver deliveries per hour. Many companies are already racing for access to the technology. Small companies like Workhorse Group are competing against big companies such as Google, Amazon, and UPS.


Positive Aspects of Drone Delivery:

  • Drivers can make more deliveries per hour without driving as much.
  • Also, the delivery system will make shipping costs cheaper for consumers.
  • The new system can also cut down on delivery times.

Negative Aspects:

  • Safety is a concern.
  • Delivery could be limited by weather.
  • In addition, public feedback shows they see drone delivery as an invasion of privacy.
  • In fact, a survey showed that 63 percent of Americans think it would be a bad idea for personal/commercial drones to fly through U.S. airspace.


Steve Burns, chief executive of Workhorse Group thinks that drones will need to be implemented slowly and also coupled with familiar technology. Sudden changes will just add to public uneasiness.

In the near future, trucking and drone delivery may merge. This will no doubt set a precedent for delivery services.

Original source: Trucks.com






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