Education: Effects on Construction

The number one problem facing the construction industry according to professionals is the lack of available qualified talent. The solution is education. As it stands currently construction is not given a fair chance, with many young people writing it off as an undesirable career. The root of this issue is the lack of education surrounding careers in construction.

The Problem

The average age of construction workers is getting increasingly higher as fewer and fewer young workers are added to the industry. This poses a few problems for the industry at large. With very few young workers joining the construction industry a dangerous lack of candidates is bound to occur once the currently aging workforce retires. The lack of young talent could lead to some companies not being able to stay in business. This problem is one that will most likely take effect in the coming years, as the existing workforce begins to retire and a shortage begins to emerge.

Some Misconceptions

One of the driving factors behind the lack of young talent entering the construction industry is the presence of misconceptions. Part of the problem is that these misconceptions are widespread and many people believe them to be true. One important misconception is that construction workers are not paid a competitive salary. The truth is that the average salary for a skilled tradesman is $50,000 which is greater than the national average. This means that skilled tradesman are paid above average salaries. Another misconception is that all workers within the construction industry do the same job. This is false, there are numerous different jobs under the banner of construction and not all of them involve physical labor.

The Solution

Education is the most effective way of getting ahead of this problem and eventually putting an end to the labor shortage in the construction industry. Some industry professionals have begun the process by starting initiatives which bring the attention of young people to the benefits of a career in construction. One benefit of a career in construction that is often overlooked is the satisfaction that comes from seeing the completion of a tangible project like those worked on in construction. Education initiatives should include this benefit in their pitches, as it is usually left out. Initiatives targeted towards attracting young people to careers in construction are the best option for industry professionals going forward. Without an infusion of young talent, the industry could be headed for an emphatic decline.

The Bottom Line

The heavy shortage of young talent entering the construction industry is due to misconceptions surrounding the industry as a whole. This cause is best reversed by education. By educating young people about the large range of benefits to a career in construction, industry professionals will be able to bring in new talent and fix the shortage. We would like to hear your feedback on the topic, and we hope this article has been helpful!



Source: Associations Now






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