Today Spec On The Job is highlighting the achievements of Recruiting Manager Patty Kuzmich. We also wanted to give everyone an inside look at what it’s like working for Spec.

Spec On The Job Employee Highlight


What is your name and your job title?

Patricia Kuzmich, Recruiting Manager at Spec On The Job of New Jersey.


How did you get into the staffing/recruiting/personnel services industry?

By accident back in 1992. I accepted a Customer Service position for another staffing company and became a supervisor soon after.


What is your typical day like?

Busy, busy! Some examples:

Going through emails, retrieving phone messages, reviewing resumes and profiles, screening applicants on the phone and through email, scheduling interviews, onboarding and activating new hires, making sure all IDs and paperwork are filed, and much more.


What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Guiding applicants through the hiring process by following up with them by phone or email, and coordinating interviews with clients.


What’s a common question that you’re asked?

“What is the pay rate?” Also, “Is there opportunity for growth with the client company?”


What was one of your most rewarding moments at Spec On The Job?

Finding the perfect fit for the client and the position, and starting a new hire immediately.


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