Employers Seek Qualities, not just Qualifications

Some important qualities are more important to employers than qualifications. These qualities are not always listed in the job description, but they are nevertheless high on the list of what employers are looking for. In order to be the best candidate possible it can be helpful to remember these qualities and use them to prepare for an interview.

Understanding the Job

Understanding the position for which you are applying is something that appeals greatly to employers. As simple or obvious as it may sound, many candidates go into interviews without a solid understanding of the job in question. This kind of lack of preparation can come across as lazy or as though the candidate does not have an interest in the position. In order to become fully acquainted with the position, make sure to read the description provided and maybe perform some research about the job on your own. Even a basic understanding of the job is better than going in without a clue as to what it is that you’re applying for.


Confidence in your abilities and skills will help interviewers and employers see the best in you. Confidence has many different meanings, but in this case, it refers to a self-assurance in the fact that you are a capable candidate who could be successful in the position for which you are applying. The reason why this quality can be so helpful in the job search is because confidence is contagious and usually influences the employer to believe in a candidate as much as the candidate does in themselves.


Whether you are applying for a truck driving position with a carrier company or a construction job with a contractor, the ability to communicate clearly is essential. Communication skills are not always listed as a qualification required for a certain job, but they are very appealing to employers. The ability to communicate clearly during an interview will signal that you are a capable communicator on the job. In order to check this box during an interview, it is necessary to prepare beforehand. This can be accomplished by practicing what you will say in response to a few of the most common interview questions. These can include: tell me about yourself, what interests you about this position, and what is your background. Having clear answers prepared for questions like these will allow you to respond well without rambling or giving unclear answers.


There is nothing more costly and unappealing to an employer than a dishonest employee. Honesty can make or break your chances of getting hired and having a successful career. The ways in which you can make sure that you are communicating a sense of honesty to an employer is to stick to the facts on your resume. Every experience or skill that you include on your resume should be truthful. Many times candidates will include false statements on their resume and are more often than not exposed by an employer’s background check. Having an honest resume and responding truthfully during an interview will reassure a potential employer that you are an honest candidate, and this can go a long way.

The Bottom Line

Qualities such as knowledge of the job, confidence, communication, and honesty are often more important than qualifications. These qualities are ones that can be developed through careful preparation, and will help you land the job you’re looking for. Let us know if you have found these pointers helpful!



Source: Forbes






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