Construction Technology: What’s New in May 2016

May of 2016 has been an important month for the construction industry. Numerous new and exciting technology advancements have been revealed which could change the construction industry moving forward. Technology is a vital part of the construction industry, the most recent products to be revealed have made this clear. Companies such as Cat, Airhome, and Bendheim Wall Systems have been the leaders in this summer’s product release. Some of their revolutionary products are outlined below.

Channel Glass 

Channel Glass, and more specifically Houdini Channel Glass from Bendheim Wall Systems, is the first product on the list of new technologies released in May of 2016. This particular product comes in a range of dimensions and styles. The idea behind Channel Glass is that it is transparent, but only enough so that natural light can penetrate the glass. This product is used in construction to enhance a building’s design and to allow natural light to enter without sacrificing privacy.

Solo Smart Drone

The Solo Smart Drone is a new product that was announced by 3DR, a prominent drone manufacturer. This new and improved drone allows for a vast array of improved features. These new and improved capabilities include geo-fencing, flight path rewinding, and new photo capturing mechanisms. Geofencing is one of the more exciting additions that 3DR has announced. Geo-fencing refers to the process by which the user can make a virtual fence our boundary for the drone which prevents it from leaving the selected area while in flight. This feature will drastically improve safety and reduce the number of drones that stray into unsafe areas and are damaged or destroyed as a result.

Rugged Smartphone

Cat, a leading company within the Construction industry has developed a line of rugged smartphones. These smart phones have numerous characteristics which differentiate them from normal phones and which make them a construction industry worker’s go to device. Cat’s new smartphones have military grade specs which make them both drop and water resistant up to a certain amount. Not only is this collection’s hardware geared towards becoming the number one smartphone line for construction workers, its software is also in the running. Some of their software capabilities include high-speed processing and a specifically tailored app store that contains a collection of apps which are most useful for construction industry workers.

These are a few of the products coming to market after their May release. Technology is revolutionizing the Construction Industry and we are witnessing the process with these products. Consider looking into these for your company, and see how they improve business!



Source: Construction Informer






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