Fuel Efficiency in Trucking

Fuel efficiency is one of the largest concerns facing the trucking industry. Fuel is an important concern for almost every industry that uses it. Not only is it expensive, but it is an environmental concern as well. Some companies have incorporated specifications into their vehicle design which have led to huge improvements in cost and usage efficiency.


Spec’ing refers to the process by which truck manufacturers build their trucks with certain fuel efficiency specifications in mind. This process has led to elevated MPG and decreased costs. This process includes implementing various technologies which allow trucks to cover more distance with less fuel. Ways in which this is accomplished is through lighter weight materials, aerodynamic designs, and more powerful engines. Trucking companies are able to measure fuel efficiency by recording the miles per gallon travelled across their entire fleet. By calculating the average number of miles per gallon over a large number of trucks they are able to accurately measure the improvements that are being made by manufacturers.

Who Benefits?

Fuel efficiency is beneficial to almost everyone. The first group which it benefits is the trucking manufacturers who develop the efficient technology. These manufacturers are able to sell their trucks to trucking companies for a higher price. This leads them to make a larger profit than when they produce average or less efficient trucks. The second group that sees the benefits from improved efficiency in trucking is the trucking companies themselves. Although these companies purchase the newly improved trucks for a higher price, they save costs on fuel. This is because of the efficient nature of the new trucks. Truck drivers see the benefit after the trucking companies no longer need to spend as much money on fuel. The savings mean that truck drivers can be compensated more competitively and fewer job cuts are made. Finally, the community at large is rewarded by fuel efficient trucks with cleaner air. The air is cleaner because less fuel is being burned to transport trucks from point A to point B.

Bottom Line

Fuel efficiency is a hugely beneficial goal for the trucking industry. Not only do more efficient trucks benefit truck manufacturers and companies, they also benefit drivers as well as the community in general. These benefits come in the form of cost reduction, improved work environment, and less pollution. This movement is an important one, and we here at Spec hope to see trucks continue to improve upon fuel efficient technology!



Source: CCJ Digital






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