How to Get Your CDL: Step by Step

A commercial driver’s license or CDL is required before a candidate can begin their career in commercial truck driving. In order to keep the roads safe for not only truck drivers, but also for drivers in general, there needs to be a process that prepares drivers for the road. The way that the industry prepares it’s drivers for safe careers on the road is through the CDL licensing process.

Basic Requirements

The most basic requirements for the CDL process are a driver’s license, comprehension of the English language, and being over 18 years of age. These three areas are the most basic qualifications that you must meet in order to receive your license. The reason behind the minimum age requirement in truck driving is the fact that it is a difficult career with serious responsibilities. Truck driving can be dangerous, and because of this, it is important to be sure that potential new truck drivers are responsible adults. Similarly, a drivers license is required for candidates, because this ensures that they are familiar with the rules of the road and basic driving techniques. The last prerequisite is a functional understanding of the English language. This requirement is important because it allows for effective communication between truck drivers and their employers, as well as between law enforcement officials and truck drivers in case of emergencies.

CDL School

Beyond the basic requirements for becoming a commercial driver’s license candidate that were explained above, you must also enroll in a truck driving school which will prepare you for the license test. These schools teach you the rules and techniques that truck drivers use on a daily basis. During your enrollment in a CDL School, you will also have a chance to gain behind the wheel experience in a truck just like the one you will be driving when you receive your CDL license.

CDL Test

Although this process varies from state to state the same general principles apply across the board. A CDL test will be similar to a normal drivers license test in that you will need to achieve higher than a certain percentage on an examination. If you pass this test then you will be on your way to becoming a commercial truck driver!

Goodluck on your journey towards becoming a licensed commercial truck driver, and remember to come to Spec to find a job once you have your trucking license!



Source: Yuma Truck Driving School






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