Growth: Construction Industry 2016

The construction industry is seeing a marked improvement in terms of growth. During the recent economic downturn commonly referred to as the Great Recession, construction hit all-time lows. The industry has, however, finally righted itself and looks to be making a speedy recovery.

The Specifics

2015 has seen the highest growth rate within the industry since 2005. This past year also brought with it the highest total value of completed construction since that of the Great Recession’s beginning in 2008. This increase in growth has been mostly due to the increase in highway and street construction during 2015. These increases in construction are leading experts to predict an even higher total value of completed construction by the end of the coming year.

The Importance

Growth in the construction industry is hugely important for employers and candidates. As the industry grows so does the need for skilled workers. With highways and streets under construction in every major city, skilled labor is becoming increasingly valuable. These huge projects require hundreds of workers and the industry is struggling to staff effectively. This is where a company like Spec Personnel can come to the rescue. Construction companies are balancing the management and training of their workers while simultaneously taking on increasingly lengthy projects. This means that the hiring process is sometimes neglected, and this is crippling the industry’s potential. Spec Personnel helps companies by handling their hiring in an effective and professional¬†manner, bringing talented workers onto understaffed teams and allowing for the growth we’ve seen in the construction industry. Without Spec Personnel many companies would be forced to turn down hugely profitable projects due to understaffing. In this way, Spec is a key factor in the success of the companies we team up with.

For Candidates

In times of runaway growth such as these job opportunities are plentiful. As a candidate looking for work the fastest and most surefire way of attaining a position within the industry is contacting Spec Personnel. By doing so you will be considered for a huge spectrum of positions that are specifically tailored to your skills and preferences. Spec connects talented workers with competitive positions and takes care of you even when it seems the job market won’t.

For Employers

The extended growth we are experiencing is both exciting and worrying. The worry is that companies and employers will be understaffed and unable to keep up with the projects popping up across the map. From the point of view of an employer, every missed opportunity of this kind is like money down the drain. The best way to prevent understaffing is to connect with Spec Personnel and the wealth of talented workers we have at the ready.

The Bottom Line

As the construction industry continues to boom, staffing becomes more and more vital for success. In a time like this Spec Personnel is your best bet for finding employment as a candidate or staffing your team as an employer. Contact us here at Spec if you agree!



Source: FMI






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