Health and Fitness for Drivers

Every person should be concerned with their own health.  However, numbers are increasingly showing that many people do not know some of the most basic facts about health.  Do you know whether you can turn fat into muscle?  Do you know what your recommended daily calorie intake is?  For CDL truck drivers, health is not only important for them as individuals, but also for the safe operation of commercial vehicles.

A survey conducted by a fitness firm, Nautilus, Inc., has shown that less than half of Americans (42%) and Europeans (39%) have an accurate picture of basic personal health and fitness concepts.  Want to know how your knowledge measures up?  Click here and take a quiz to find out!

Knowledge is the first step to a healthier life!  Some small changes to your everyday can make a difference.  This is particularly important for truck drivers with the truck driver shortage going on.


Exercising on the Road

As a CDL Driver your job is behind the wheel the majority of the time.  However, there are some things you can do to still get some exercise on the road.  If you carry a smartphone or tablet there are several online resources for exercise.  Or, you can do some basic exercises.

  • Take a jump rope with you on the road and jump rope at rest areas
  • Walk or jog around the rest area for cardio
  • Take resistance bands with you on the road for some good resistance training
  • You can use water bottles or cans as weights for conditioning
  • You can also take advantage of some truck stop resources such as StayFit from TA and Petro.


Eating Healthy on the Road

If you can bring food with you on the road try to bring along more healthier options.  If you have an in-truck refrigerator you can carry along foods that will keep you fuller for longer than candy bars or chips such as string cheese, pretzels, popcorn, fresh fruits and vegetables.  Nowadays many fast food restaurants offer healthier conscious options.  Look for low-fat or low-sodium items.

When dining out pay attention to your serving size.  America is famous for our large portion sizes.  It is tempting to “get your money’s worth,” but try to weigh that against your overall health.  For example, when eating at a buffet trying using a smaller salad plate, this will help control your portions.

Eat more: salads, non-cream-based-soups, baked meats, low-fat salad dressings, and dessert alternatives (like Jell-O or fresh fruit).

Eat less: mayonnaise-based salads, ranch dressing, fried foods, gravies or cream sauces, and sugary desserts.



For more information about living healthy on the road visit, a website dedicated to the health of CDL Drivers.  The driving industry is integral to America’s economy and we need our truck drivers in the best health!  Whether it be an exercise app so you can track your progress or even taking a walk around the truck stop.  A little bit goes a long way.  With proven science that exercise increase positive feelings and moods, you will also be happier on your job!





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