How to Utilize Social Media in the Construction Industry

While most industries have already broken into using social media to make their company a household name, you may not think that social media is the right fit for your company. But the key to using social media for a business is all about the right sites and networks that highlight your company. With social media sites becoming a common tool for obtaining information, it’s best to get your name out there and get it out there using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Share Your Information

By using Facebook and Twitter, construction companies can share information such as updates on breaking construction or images of newly constructed homes. Your company can post helpful tips for homeowners or topics on the industry. By sharing this information, your company name gets to homeowners.



Using LinkedIn will help keep your network updated with relevant contacts that can help spread the word about your progress or help you on your road to success. In the construction industry, connections are a useful tool in making your company the best that it can be.


Show Off Your Work

 Most people respond better to visual content, so sharing pictures of your recent work will make your audience remember you over the other guys. Viewers will be more likely to share a picture rather than an article.

When your construction company decides to break into social media as a marketing tool, be sure to utilize all aspects including information sharing and picture updates on new projects.







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