Immigrants Bridge Gap in Trucking Shortage

Since the trucking industry is facing a sizable shortage in truck drivers, the industry is branching out in regards to its candidate pool. In the past, Americans were typically truck drivers. However, the driver shortage is mixing everything up. Immigrants are increasingly moving to truck driving positions.



The industry, as a whole, is facing a shortage of 48,000 drivers. If swift action is not taken, the number could jump to 170,000 within a 10 year span. As a result, the trucking industry is looking to foreigners to bridge the gap.


Immigrants Behind the Wheel

One reason foreigners are getting the chance to drive is due to the fact that they are willing to work long hours. Many of these hard working individuals are looking for gainful employment and trucking provides that. Despite how trucking can take them away from family for long stretches of time, these truck drivers are eager to work.

These immigrants see truck driving as their chance to not only get a job, but a piece of the American dream. Many of these individuals grew up in Russia, Ukraine, and other surrounding areas.


Future Outlook

The face of trucking could slowly be shifting to a more ethnically diverse group of truck drivers. One thing is for sure, the sense of community among these individuals is unalike the traditional American drivers. These new drivers could be the ones to close the driver shortage.









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