Internet Purchases Pose New Challenges in Trucking

Internet Purchases have become one of the primary ways consumers shop. This fact is having a drastic effect on the trucking industry. In an attempt to tap into this huge market, many trucking companies are requiring their drivers to transport and deliver consumer products instead of their normal cargo.

The Problem

The problem with big rigs being used for consumer delivery is that it isn’t practical. Internet purchases are usually delivered by delivery services designed to navigate residential areas, and carry consumer purchases. Big rigs are designed to carry large industrial cargo for businesses across long miles of highway. This obvious discrepancy is what is causing the large problem for the trucking industry. Many trucking companies have seen the huge number of consumer deliveries being carried out by delivery companies and have decided to require their big rig drivers to do similar work. Big rig trucks are not designed the way delivery trucks are, and for good reason. These two different vehicles have very different intended purposes. The inefficiencies that this new wave of truck deliveries is causing could cost the industry dearly.

The Causes

Increasingly, consumers are making internet purchases that cannot be fulfilled by normal consumer delivery services. Consumers are purchasing products that are larger and heavier than ever before. These kinds of purchases used to be made in stores,  but with the increase in internet traffic are now made online. Examples of these internet purchases are home appliances and furniture. Purchases like these require a big rig to transport which leads trucking companies to take on these consumer delivery services.

The Solution

This problem is causing a great lack of efficiency and could damage the trucking industry going forward. In order to find a solution, it could be necessary for trucking companies to collaborate with delivery services that specialize in consumer deliveries. One way in which the two industries could combat the inefficiency is by designing an improved delivery vehicle which takes from both the heavy transport capabilities of a big rig, and the maneuverability of a traditional consumer delivery service vehicle. This new prototype could be a good way of preventing the loss of time and resources caused by big rigs trying to navigate residential neighborhoods to deliver internet purchases.

The Bottom Line

A new problem for the trucking industry has been brought forward for discussion. Trucking companies are beginning to require their drivers to deliver consumer purchases in residential neighborhoods, due to the types of products now being ordered online. Truckers are having to operate big rigs in situations that they were not designed for leading to loss of time and resources. A possible solution may be a co-venture between the traditional delivery services industry and the trucking industry to design a vehicle capable of delivering heavy items while still being able to navigate effectively in residential neighborhoods.





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