Job Seekers should Consider Staffing Agencies

Often times staffing agencies are the last place job seekers check when looking for a job. Staffing Agencies are generally seen as beneficial for job seekers, but there are some benefits that are not so obvious. This article will seek to explain the not so obvious benefits of using staffing agencies.

Job Seekers Know about Unadvertised Jobs

  • Surprisingly, some companies only hire through staffing agencies. Meaning you won’t find their job postings anywhere else.
  • Also, you might gain early access to some jobs. As a result, you will come across jobs that are not even listed yet.

Often Know the Hiring Manager’s Preferences

  • Recruiters within staffing agencies often have the inside scoop on their client company’s hiring manager.
  • The recruiter may tell you things about the manager you would never hear otherwise. For example, the hiring manager is looking for someone who is a team player.

Get a Taste of what the Company is Like

  • By talking with the staffing agency you are able to get a sense of what the company is like. You can ask detailed questions and get better, often unbiased answers.
  • Recruiters can help you get a feel for what your potential bosses would be like. Also, what kind of advancement is available within the company.
  • Recruiters can also answer any questions you may have about your resume, appropriate dress, and wage expectations.

Utilize a Virtually Free Service

  • Most staffing agencies charge the companies they are working with, which means you get to use the benefits of the agency with no cost to you.
  • Why not look into using a staffing agency? There are so many benefits people are unaware of.

Recruiters always want to send good workers to their clients. So if you were a good worker they will often go to great lengths to rehire you in some capacity!



Original Source: Abbey Placements






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