Keys to Capturing Recruiters’ Interest

When it comes to job searching a great place to start is by contacting a recruiter. Many people are not sure about how to go about that. However, it is important to know what a recruiter is looking for in potential candidates. This article will highlight the keys to getting the interest of a recruiter. These 6 practical steps will help make your job searching a whole lot easier.

1. Keys: Research People Who Have the Job You are Seeking

It is important to spend time researching the profiles of professionals in the field you are interested in.

  • Search for job titles you would love to have.
  • Also keep track of the skills you see listed.
  • And look for how positions are described. What are they looking for?

2. Customize Your Skills to the Job Description

Job descriptions reveal what a recruiter is looking for in potential candidates.

  • Make sure your resume addresses the required skills and experience.
  • Also add some of the words used in the description.
  • In addition, by adding keywords a recruiter will see that your resume is relevant.

3. Add Extra Skills

It is important to go back and add any extra skills or experience. Be sure to include transferable skills, which are skills that carry over from one job to the next. Ex: Microsoft Office. The job description may not always ask for these skills, but it is beneficial.

4. Tie in the Basic Skills all Managers Look for

Include these skills on your resume because it will bridge any skills you may be lacking. And be sure to provide context for these skills when possible. Anytime you can show these key skills you have the better.

  • Communication
  • Leadership/Management
  • Planning and Strategic Thinking
  • Research
  • Teamwork

5. Facts and Figures Look Good

If at all possible complement your skills with numbers and accomplishments. Furthermore, numbers show what you have done more than words do.

6. Beat the Bots

Many people are unaware that their resumes may be scanned by a robot before a human recruiter sees it. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a tool companies use to navigate through tons of resumes. These systems look for certain keywords and pull resumes that match what they are looking for. However, make sure you use the keywords in the proper context. The system can tell if you just randomly filled your resume with keywords.



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