Life Expectancy Up: Makes Way for Older Truck Drivers

The life expectancy of an average American has increased by 30 years since the last century. This might seem like slow progress, but the effects are becoming increasingly apparent as more and more people work past the normal age of retirement. This is having an impact on the trucking industry especially, with older truckers becoming increasingly prevalent.

Focus on Safety

Surveys have shown that older truck drivers are more focused on reducing risk and developing safety than their younger counterparts. The increase in lifespan that has allowed truckers to stay on the road past retirement age could be bringing with it an increase in the safety of the industry. Studies have attributed the increased focus on safety amongst older drivers to a lifetime of experience. Many young drivers have not been on the road long enough to appreciate the responsibility and danger that comes with operating a vehicle as large as an 18 wheeler.

Increased Interest

With life expectancy soaring, many people are beginning to seek out careers that offer excitement, travel, and fulfillment. Trucking fits these requirements for many people. With the increased interest in trucking, that longer lifetimes is bringing, there could very well be a surplus of drivers down the line if the trend continues. During times when life expectancy was shorter, people followed a strict life plan which consisted of school, career, family, and retirement. This pattern is being broken up by increased life expectancy. With longer lives, individuals are pursuing more adventurous careers. A career in trucking can certainly break the chain of the cookie cutter life plan, and provide an alternative lifestyle for those candidates interested in breaking boundaries.

Opportunities for Advancement

With truckers staying in the industry longer there is more opportunity for advancement. By staying with truck driving, it is possible for a driver to become an owner operator. This move can help increase job satisfaction and financial stability. Becoming an owner operator is one of many benefits from staying in the industry for an extended amount of time. The longer a driver stays the more experienced they become. With this experience, it becomes easier for them to be hired by a better carrier company or be promoted from within their current company.

The Bottom Line

Life expectancy has increased greatly in recent years. This increase in longevity has led to a mindset change in the general public when it comes to career choices. More Americans are going with alternative career choices, like truck driving. The new interest in truck driving as well as the truckers staying in the industry past retirement there will soon be no shortage of talent. We hope this trend benefits you and your company!



Source: Fleet Owner






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