How to Find a Staffing Agency with Ease

Staffing agencies can be the solution to your companies hiring problems. As a company grows so does it’s staffing needs, with more business comes more work. During times of growth, the last thing most companies want to think about is how to staff their growing business. This is where staffing agencies can help. By finding suitably skilled workers for your company’s labor needs and handling the hiring process, employment agencies make your life a whole lot easier. This important field has many players and it is important to know what to look for in the right agency for your company. This article will touch on a few key things to look for.

History of Success

When you begin the hunt for an employment agency to take on your hiring needs the first thing to look for is a history of success. If the agency you are considering has not been in business long enough to develop a successful track record it might be a good idea to keep looking. Having the necessary experience with connecting skilled labor and companies looking for workers is very important when deciding on an employment agency for your company. Checking for a successful track record is the best way to ensure that your employment agency can get the job done.

American Staffing Association

The American Staffing Association is responsible for awarding certifications to employment agency recruiters. It is vital that you ensure that all of the recruiters at a staffing agency are certified by the ASA. This will show that the agency is serious about employing professional recruiters who can find your company the best talent. Although this certification is very important to see in an employment agency’s recruiters it can sometimes take a new recruiter up to a year to receive this certification.

Open to Change

An employment agency must be able to grow with your company. This means that as your company grows and your staffing needs change, the agency must be capable of accommodating this change and allowing your business to flourish. When choosing the staffing agency that is right for your company it is important to ensure that the agency is flexible when it comes to growth and change on your end.

A Guarantee

When looking for an employment agency remember to consider some sort of guarantee in case the labor provided does not work out. If you find the labor provided by an employment agency is unsatisfactory then it is important that there is some kind of guarantee in place that will ensure you receive a replacement for any unsatisfactory workers that you let go.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a staffing agency to handle your hiring will allow you to focus on other areas of your business which will lead to increased success. When you go in search of a hiring agency it is important to remember to look for one that has a history of success, certified recruiters, openness to change, and a guarantee in place. We believe here at Spec, that we are one of the best recruitment firms in the business so contact us if you are interested in getting on board!



Source:  Diverse Space






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