Minimum Training Standards Underway

Good news in the truck driving industry as minimum training requirements are underway.

One of the first questions that a new entry truck driver asks is, “how hard is the training program?” Very many new truck trainees are worried about the time it may take them before they are eligible to become a truck driver. Many worry that driving a truck will be difficult or the training is too time-consuming, but what if it does not have to be? It may not have to be difficult any longer. Minimum training standards, heavy training and the time-consuming schooling is on the way for change.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration puts forward a rule set to spell out required minimum training standards for new entry truck drivers.

The proposed federal rule set to The White House’s Office of Management and Budget clears the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s proposal for the in depth minimum training standards. The proposal includes a set of required behind-the-wheel training time of thirty hours, establishing a registry of driver training providers and establishing certified curricula for CDL applicants.

The official requirements of drivers and carriers has not been officially known quite yet because the rule has not been made public, but it is at its final step. The White House’s Office of Management and Budget is the proposed rule’s last stop before the publication in the Federal Register. Typically, The White House’s Office of Management and Budget, clears rules within ninety days of receiving them. As the proposal awaits to be official, it is with great confidence that the minimum training standards will be applied.

For new entry drivers that are too worried or discouraged about the heavy training to join the team, not to worry any longer as change is in process.





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