New Legislation to Accelerate Veterans into Trucking

A common problem that many veterans face when returning home is finding a steady job.  Many times veterans find it hard to adapt to the ever-changing job market because it is much different from their time in deployment.  However, legislation is in the making to ease the process for veterans to find work in the trucking field.


Details of the Legislation

The overall goal of the legislation is to reduce the amount of time veterans would have to wait in order to get their Commercial Drivers License. In order to achieve this goal, the Active Duty Voluntary Acquisition of Necessary Credentials for Employment (ADVANCE) exempts military personnel “with qualifying experience” from particular testing when seeking their CDL.  This allows them to quickly start working in the trucking industry.  They will be able to skip tedious license testing.  It is important to note the “with qualifying experience” clause.  This section clarifies those without equivalent military driving experience, they must still take traditional CDL tests.  However, if they gained “qualifying experience” during their service, then they are eligible to skip these tests.


The second bill that is aimed at making it easier for veterans to start work in the trucking industry is the Veterans Expanded Trucking Opportunities (VETOPPS) legislation.  This bill increases the medical staff in the Veterans Administration system.  By increasing the medical capabilities, they will be able to get treatment at a faster rate.  A common complaint is the VA doesn’t have adequate resources for them to see a medical expert in a timely fashion.  Removing this barrier will allow them to quickly get medical examinations the trucking industry requires.  Ultimately, increasing the access of medical care for veterans will reduce the wait time to reenter the workforce.


Implications of Legislation

As of 2017, the unemployment rate for veterans is a disheartening 6.3% while the national average is 4.7%.  This legislation will work to reduce this gap and employ more veterans as they return from their service.  Employing them will have the additional benefit of filling an increasing labor shortage persisting in the trucking industry.  By reducing this labor shortage, the trucking industry will work more efficiently and positively impact the American economy.


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