New Truck Unveils from Volvo, International, and more!

Newer doesn’t always mean better, but oh boy, these new trucks!  Recently Volvo Truck North America and International Trucks unveiled new regional trucks.  Both makers have listened to their client base and made new trucks they feel will improve goods transportation.  This includes improved fuel efficiency.  They’ve also kept their drivers in mind when making these new trucks.  Tesla has also announced that they will unveil a truck later this year!


Volvo VNR Regional Tractor

Volvo describes their VNR as made to be driven in urban areas for P&D, tanker, dry bulk, flatbed, and other regional hauls.  As well, they designed the truck to include maneuverability and versatility in tight spaces.  The truck can navigate urban areas easier with a 113in bumper to back of cab length, better sight lines over the hood, and a 50-degree wheel cut.

The driver experience is also improved.  The driver will have a three-motion steering wheel and seats with more adjustments for driver preference.  Other amenities include Apple CarPlay, WiFi, Bluetooth, navigation, apps, and an exterior camera.  A larger color display in the dash and wheel-mounted controls also help with driver convenience.

The D11 engine is the VNR’s standard, rated up to 425 horsepower and an option for the Volvo D13 engine with up to 500 horsepower.  Volvo’s proprietary design burns fuel more efficiently and have a common rail fuel delivery system designed to be more precise, lighter, and quieter.  Moreover, the engine design is easier to service.

The VNR also has passive and active safety features.  Volvo’s Active Driver Assist “warns drivers through sound and a critical warning signal projected onto the windshield when they approach too close to an object in front of them, and the system can automatically apply brakes to help mitigate a collision.”  Additional features include, LED headlights for increased visibility, automatic lighting and rain-sensing whippers, and lane change support that helps with visibility in blind spots.

Here is the Volvo’s VNR at a glance from Work Truck Online:

-The VNR will be available in three configurations:

  • 300 basic day cab local service,
  • 400 42-in. flat-roof sleeper for regional overnight trips
  • 640 61-in. mid-roof sleeper for regional multi-day trips

-Design changes to the cab and hood, shorter 113″ BBC, better wall-to-wall turning radius, better visibility fore and sides

-Three interior trim levels: Fleet, Express and Premier

-Volvo D11 engine is standard, 325-425 hp / 1,250-1,550 lb-ft

-Volvo D13 engine is optional, 375-500 hp / 1,450-1,850 lb-ft

-Transmissions: Volvo I-Shift, Eaton-Fuller 10, 13, 18 or Allison 5-6 speed automatic

International RH Series Regional Tractor

International’s RH Series offers several configurations such as day cab, 56in low roof sleeper, 56in hi-rise sleeper, day cab with roof fairing, and 56in hi-rise sleeper with roof fairing.  An inside wheel cut of up to 50 degrees is an improvement for maneuverability.  The truck is also quieter and has an up to 6% improved fuel efficiency over the previous model.

The interior also has improvements for the driver.  The RH Series includes a large swept-back windshield, optimized mirror placement, and an aerodynamic sloped hood for better view.  Like the Volvo VNR the RH Series offers a premium gauge cluster with a digital driver display, putting everything within reach of the driver.  International listened to “overwhelming driver feedback” and put the air horn back to its “traditional, intuitive position” over the driver door.

The RH Series has a A26 engine that is built from the MAN D26 engine crankcase and has up to 450 horsepower.  The design is 600-700 pounds lighter than a traditional 15L big bore engine.  The A26 suits regional hauls like beverage and bulk hauls.  With safety in mind the RH Series comes standard with the Bendix Wingman Advanced Collision Mitigation system.  According to International this is an industry first in the regional haul market.


Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in April 2017 that Tesla will roll out their first Semi Truck in September 2017.  We don’t know much about the truck that is in the works, but the team designing it, according to Musk, has been doing an “amazing job.”  Musk commented that, “We believe the Tesla Semi will deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate.”

It is Musk’s belief that humans must move away from the depletable source of carbon-based fuels and towards renewable energy.  He predicts that civilization will “collapse” if we don’t.  By now most of us have seen a Tesla sedan on the road at least once.  It seems fantastical to see a Tesla Semi Truck out there.  However, it’s not as far away as it seems!


Original sources: Truckinginfo and Work Truck Online






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