OSHA Changes will be Felt in Construction

Safety is behind the OSHA changes occurring within construction, record keeping, and general standards. The agency has 18 proposed changes. In fact, most of the changes have to do with construction. This article will highlight a few of the big changes.


911 Services on Site

Before emergency services were widespread, employers were required to post phone numbers for ambulances and doctors at their work site. This was due to the fact that many of those work sites did not have access to 911 services.

The latest technology allows 911 dispatchers to automatically have the caller’s location information. However, not all areas have converted to this new technology, particularly the more remote areas. As a result, OSHA is requiring that employers post the coordinates of the work site.


Doing Away with Collecting SSN’s

The primary reason for this proposed change is due to the rising threat of identity theft. Ultimately, the privacy of employees is the main goal. The proposed change is to remove requirements to include an employee’s social security number from all general industry standards.


Another OSHA Change: Documenting Hearing Loss

The revisions to this requirement are to make sure the criteria for figuring out if the hearing loss is work-related is clear. In addition, employers are to make note of any work-related hearing loss. This should occur regardless of how big or small the incident is.



Source: Construct Connect







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