Questions to Ask Staffing Agencies

There are a few very important questions you should be asking potential staffing agencies when looking to sign up with one. These questions will give you an idea of whether or not your firm would benefit from partnering with the particular staffing agency you are in contact with. Although these are a few important questions, they are not the only questions that must be asked.

Industry focus

The first and most general question to ask any prospective staffing agency is about their industry focus. Many staffing agencies have specific industries in which they specialize. Knowing this will narrow down the options making your decision easier. Spec on the Job, for example, covers the distribution and construction industries. There are staffing companies which cover every possible industry from hospitality to healthcare. Narrowing your search by contacting staffing firms that deal specifically with your sector, can make the process far simpler.

Job areas

Once you have limited your list of potential agencies to ones which deal with your industry, you can then narrow your search even further by inquiring about what job areas within the industry the agency covers. There are numerous job types within each industry and sometimes employment firms only work with some of these positions. Knowing what job openings the staffing firm would be able to fill in your company is very important information. This information could allow you to reduce your list of possible candidates even further.

Placement record

The previous two questions will have shortened your list of potential employment companies. The next step is to understand the record of the remaining options. A question that could be asked in order to find out more about a staffing firm’s record could be as follows, “Describe the most recent positions you filled in my companies industry?”. This kind of question will give you a good idea of what the firm’s most recent record looks like.

Other clients

Another way to feel out a staffing firm is to inquire about the other clients of the firm. If the other clients who are involved with the staffing firm are similar to your own then it could be a good sign going forward. Knowing that companies of a similar size and description are involved with the staffing company can make your decision, to get on board, easier.

The process

In order to get a good feel for a staffing agency, it is important to understand their methods and find out what kind of process they have for staffing companies like yours. Understanding the methods which they will be using to handle your staffing will help you make the decision to continue the relationship or to look elsewhere for staffing.



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