Resume Greatest Hits – August 10, 2018

The first step in writing a great resume? Think positive! That’s why I’m going to show real examples from some of the most effective resumes we’ve gotten at Spec On The Job.


August 10, 2018

This “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for a Welder position:



6 years small job shop performing repairs…

5 years welding components for conveyor manufacture and fabricating…

3 years refurbishing billboards…

5 years experience supervision in shop setting and field crews…


When putting together a resume for a skilled trades position, it’s important for applicants to promote their level of experience. This applicant does a great job of doing just that by leading every point on his work experience summary with the number of years of experience he has with each type of welding.

The applicant also made sure to include his experience as a crew supervisor, which demonstrates not only his high level of skill, but also his leadership skills.


Resume Greatest Hits for CDL Driver position



August 9, 2018

This “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for a Class A CDL driver position:


Flatbed Driver
XYZ Company
April 2018 to May 2018

Responsible for driving a 26 foot automatic, Hino flatbed truck. Delivered loads of steel and pallets loaded with steel to construction sites. Responsible for strapping loads down and removing strap downs all under DOT Regulations.


The applicant for this driving position did a great job of including all the information a manager needs when hiring for this type of position.

It’s especially good to know that the applicant has experience with strapping and tarping – that is, securing the load to the flatbed.

Some CDL drivers prefer to take jobs that don’t require strapping and tarping. But this applicant included on his resume that he has experience doing this kind of work, which is good for the hiring manger to know – it shows the applicant will likely have a willingness to perform these job duties if the position requires them.


Resume Greatest Hits for Production Worker position



August 8, 2018

Today’s “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for a Production Worker position:



Material Handler I
XYZ Company
February 2007 to October 2014

• I assembled and packaged a variety of mechanical components
• I always met my daily and monthly quota


“Material Handler” is a job title that’s fairly common and well-understood in the production and warehousing industries. That’s why it’s good that this applicant used as few words as possible to clearly describe the job duties associated with the position.

What’s even better is that in addition to describing the job, the applicant took the time to list an important accomplishment associated with the Material Handler position – he consistently met a production quota.

Describing on your resume not only what you did at your last job, but also what you accomplished, is a great way to get noticed by the hiring manager and improve your chances of getting called in for an interview.


Resume Greatest Hits for Carpentry position



August 7, 2018

Today’s “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from the cover letter of an applicant for a Construction Laborer position:


Carpentry Laborer
XYZ Company
December 2017 to Present

Basic laborer I know how to put panels up. Measure out and cut plywood for window panels. Put up panels for windows.


Carpentry is an industry with many sub-specialties. It also employs workers with a wide range of skill sets and experience levels, from Helpers to skilled Trim Carpenters.

This resume clearly describes the type of carpentry the applicant does at his current position. His description is short, but it gives the hiring manager a clear picture of his experience level, and that he is proficient in skills such as measuring, cutting, and using basic hand and power tools.

Sometimes a job title alone isn’t enough to give a hiring manager a clear picture of an applicant’s work experience and skills. Short descriptions like this one (that give just enough detail and can be read quickly and easily) are invaluable.


Resume Greatest Hits for Production Worker position



August 6, 2018

Today’s “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for a Production Worker position:


Key Holder/Sales Associate
XYZ Retail

XYZ Company


This candidate applied for a Production Worker position, which isn’t directly relevant to being either a Key Holder at a well-known retail chain or a handyman.

Also, the type of job duties associated with the retail position and the handyman position are generally well-understood by most hiring managers, and so don’t need detailed descriptions.

For these reasons, it’s good that the applicant didn’t include job descriptions for the positions.

Remember: It’s best to try to limit your resume to only one sheet of paper. So make the most of the space you have. If certain details aren’t relevant to the job you’re applying for, you don’t have to include them.

Likewise, if a job on your work history is straightforward and well-understood by the average person, then you don’t need to include a long description of the duties associated with it.

Focus instead on using your resume’s limited space to highlight the qualities, skills, and accomplishments that really make you stand out as a potential employee.





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