Resume Greatest Hits – August 24, 2018

The first step in writing a great resume? Think positive! That’s why I’m going to show real examples from some of the most effective resumes we’ve gotten at Spec On The Job.


Resume Greatest Hits for Non-CDL Driver position


August 24, 2018

This “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for a Non-CDL Driver position:

Electrical apprentice
XYZ Company
February 2018 to August 2018Working as an apprentice operating scissor lift, switching out electrical outlets, join and connect wires to form circuits…worked in commercial and industrial…


This applicant applied for a driving position, not an electrician position. However, I want to highlight the resume anyway, because he did such a great job of describing his electrical experience.

Many resumes a hiring manager just aren’t specific enough. But this applicant provided lots of helpful details. Instead of describing his work history using the general term “Electrician,” he used the far more specific term “Electrical Apprentice.” This detailed job title gives a hiring manager an idea of the applicant’s level of skill and number of years in the profession without even having to read the rest of the resume.

“Electrician” is also a broad job type that covers many different disciplines, skills, and work environments. That’s why it’s so important that the applicant took the time to specify his job experience as “commercial” and “industrial.”


Resume Greatest Hits for CDL Driver position


August 23, 2018

This “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for a CDL-B Driver position:


I have my CDL A license | 555-123-1234 [City], [State]


This applicant did a good job of drawing the hiring manager’s attention to the most important part of his resume – his Class A CDL. He did this by noting his license right at the top of the resume, under his name.

Formatting a resume this way – by putting licensing information at the top with your contact information – isn’t typical. But in this case, it was a good move on the applicant’s part. That’s because his most recent work experience happens to not include any CDL driving or other transportation-related positions.

If the applicant hadn’t included the licensing information at the beginning of the resume in an eye-catching place, a hiring manager might have easily missed it and assumed the applicant wasn’t qualified for the CDL position he was applying for.



Resume Greatest Hits for CDL Driver position


August 22, 2018

Today’s “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for another CDL-B driver position:

I have experience with different kinds of equipment from basic Electric pallet jacks to fork trucks and multiple construction equipment. I am very safety oriented, and love to work all the overtime I am allowed when required or requested by my employer. I prefer to work outdoors year round.


This is a great example of how to write a resume Objective statement.

The best way to get a hiring manager’s attention is to highlight your skills and work experience. When describing yourself in your Objective statement, lay out concrete facts about what you’ve done, learned, and accomplished at previous jobs that make you well-suited for the position you’re applying for.

Avoid Objective statements that don’t tell a hiring manager anything specific about you, or that simply state you’re looking for a full-time position at a stable company.


Resume Greatest Hits for Non-CDL Driver position


August 21, 2018

Today’s “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for a Non-CDL Driver position:


[XYZ] Home Delivery
October 2013 to Present

Package Delivery Driver.

I was able to learn how to deliver packages and capture signatures…

[XYZ Company]
Delivery Truck Driver/ Lumber Department
May 2010 to October 2013

Delivered appliances, pallets of building materials, other misc. items.

Customer Service
Can operate Forklift and Power pallet jack.


This applicant provides great descriptions of his job duties with his former employers. He keeps these descriptions short, clear, and concise.

Even better, the applicant summarizes what he accomplished at each job. This is a great way not only to highlight the skills he learned, but also to demonstrate to a hiring manager that he’s enthusiastic about learning, growing, and developing professionally in all of his employment opportunities.


Resume Greatest Hits for a warehouse position


August 20, 2018

Today’s “Resume Greatest Hit” comes from an applicant for a warehouse position:

Work Experience

[Company 1]
I pick various orders using a motorised dolly…

[Company 2]
I delivered various [company] products using a 26 foot truck…

[Company 3]
I was subcontracted through [company] to deliver [company] products using a reefer truck…

[Company 4]
I picked various products using forklift and motorised dolly…


In each of his Work Experience summaries, this applicant included information about the type of equipment he operated at each position.

Listing specific types of equipment might not seem necessary for non-transportation jobs like warehouse positions. But it’s actually very helpful to a hiring manager.

Some warehouse jobs require applicants to have prior experience with specific types of equipment, such as forklifts, stand-up reach trucks, or electric pallet jacks. By listing the type of equipment he used at all of his jobs, this applicant did a great job of providing the exact information a hiring manager will be on the lookout for.






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