Self-Governing Vehicles and Trucks Face Difficulty

Self-governing vehicles and trucks could be a new normal in the years to come. Many different companies and organizations are spending time and money developing this technology. Companies like Google have already been experimenting with autonomous vehicles in the past few years. Unfortunately, these vehicles have been in 20 crashes over the last six years. This article will seek to highlight when average Americans will see self-driving trucks and cars on the road.


Potential Benefits

  • Heavy duty trucks could save a good chunk of money on fuel and labor costs.
  • Less sleep deprived drivers behind the wheel. Drivers would only intervene if necessary.
  • These self-driving vehicles could reduce wrecks caused by human error.


Potential Problems

  • Figuring out how to teach artificial intelligence systems how to understand the way in which human drivers think.
  • Difficult road surfaces could throw a wrench in how self-driving cars handle the situation.
  • Self-driving systems cannot rely on facial expressions or gestures while driving like humans do.
  • People will have less patience when self-driving vehicles make mistakes.


Specifics on Self-Governing Vehicles

Daimler trucks is actually the only company testing Freight liner self-driving trucks. The company is currently testing the trucks on roads in Nevada. However. much of the nation could see these types of tests within the next 15-20 years.

Other companies like Toyota have invested nearly $1 billion dollars in a research program. Toyota, at first, was skeptical of self-driving vehicles. However, after seeing their competitors dive into the market, Toyota has decided to take the plunge.

The future of self-driving trucks and vehicles is all but sure, the technology just has to catch up to the idea. For more information on the technology, visit the link below.



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