The Right Staffing Partner for Truck Drivers

Whether you are a company or a job seeker in the trucking industry, having the right staffing partner can make all the difference.  As a company looking to hire truck drivers, you know the extensive and costly process involved in hiring on qualified drivers.  Choosing the right staffing partner for your company will mean getting qualified drivers and save you money on recruiting and onboarding truck drivers.  As a truck driver, getting a staffing partner can help you get your ideal driving job or even a filler job when in between full-time positions.  Staffing companies will work for you and present you to companies where you would be a good fit.


Companies benefit from using staffing

Companies can save time and money through partnering with a staffing agency.  Specifically, for truck drivers there are several procedures that must be adhered to.  Spec Personnel does a 10 year work history on all perspective drivers.  Spec verifies all employment within that time period.  If the work is unverifiable, the driver will not move forward in the hiring process.

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) are also important.  Having strict guidelines about driver safety will ensure only hiring drivers that take the job seriously and do not have at-fault accidents.  No good staffing agency would skip this step.

Your staffing partner should use urinalysis testing for drug screenings.  Instant, in office tests are not as comprehensive and can miss certain substances.  As well, your staffing partner should have a program of random drug testing for all their drivers.  That way, you hire a drug free and maintain a drug free driver.

Using a staffing agency can take a lot of administrative tasks off your company’s plate.  This includes hiring, wages, benefits, and workers’ comp, should it arise.  This is a benefit over hiring independent contractors because your staffing partner will take care of all of this.


Drivers benefit from using staffing

A good staffing company recognizes the mountain of work and nuances that drivers deal with to be DOT compliant and have good driving records.  It is important for staffing companies to treat good drivers with respect and work hard to get them the driving job they want and/or deserve.  By working for a staffing agency the driver can let the agencies handle the back end word.  This includes workers’ comp, setting up interviews, negotiate pay, offer benefits, etc.

Good drivers deserve good pay.  A staffing agency will fight to get a good pay rate for their drivers.  Often when a company sets a pay and it is below what drivers in that area make, the staffing agency will work to get the pay raised.

Staffing companies will also offer their own benefits packages including medical, dental, vision, and even 401k.  A happy and healthy driver is an appreciated driver.  Spec recognizes this and offers benefits for employees on full time payroll after a certain amount of hours.

Companies use staffing agencies for all kinds of jobs, everything from general laborers to CEOs.  A staffing agency that specializes in your field, trucking, is the first place to start.  From there, ensure they take care of all the DOT requirements for hiring on drivers.  You will get your money’s worth.  For drivers out there looking for a job, try out a staffing partner.  So, if you aren’t having luck on your own an agency could find opportunities you may not have been aware of on your own.


Source: NSC Technologies






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