Steady Need for Drivers in a Changing Industry

Trucking is a changing industry. An important change that is looming on the horizon is the implementing of autonomous or driverless trucks. These autonomous trucks are no longer some kind of futuristic technology.These trucks are in the process of being tested for drivability. This fact means that significant change is around the corner for the Trucking Industry.

For Drivers

Although autonomous trucks are being developed, it will be a while before they hit the road. This means that the majority of trucks will still need drivers for many years to come. When driverless trucks eventually do become widespread there will still be a place for drivers in the changing industry. Although these trucks will not require an active driver they still need to be monitored and kept in check. This means that although drivers will no longer need to steer or use the brakes they will still be in the driver’s seat monitoring the vehicle. These reasons show that there is still a place for truck drivers in the changing industry.

The Upside

Not only will truck drivers still have a job when autonomous trucks arrive on the scene, but their quality of life on the road will be vastly improved. For many current truck drivers, the administrative tasks associated with the job must be carried out when the truck is parked. With the introduction of driverless trucks, however, these administrative tasks can be carried out while on the road. This kind of time saver is only one of many new efficiencies that will come with autonomous trucking. Communication is a very important component of the truck driver’s job description. This part will not change when autonomous trucks are in use. Instead, the need for communication will likely increase. This is yet another way in which drivers will maintain relevance as autonomous trucks become widespread. Not only will drivers have more opportunities to complete administrative tasks while on the road, they will also be able to negotiate more loads.

The Downside

The downside to the introduction of autonomous trucks for drivers is that the skills of driving and handling a large truck on the road will no longer be necessary. The idea behind autonomous trucks is that human error on the road will be eliminated. The downside to this is that the skill and human decision making that goes into driving a truck will also be eliminated. Although this may seem like a small price to pay for the efficiencies brought by autonomous trucks, many drivers value their skill at operating a truck.

The Bottom Line

Trucking is a changing industry, but it will not leave drivers behind. The development of autonomous trucks is well underway and has sparked some concern that truck drivers will be out of jobs. This is not true, the role of drivers within the trucking industry will remain as great as ever as autonomous trucks become widespread. This is due to the many human skills needed to successfully transport a load such as communication, organization, and cooperation.



Source: Overdrive Online






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