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E-Commerce Adds To Traffic Woes

E-commerce companies are changing the landscape of retail. In the past, consumers had to make weekly trips to brick-and-mortar stores to purchase essentials. Now we can buy everything from groceries to medicine to pet food online and have them delivered to our doorsteps. But online retailers are no longer satisfied only with helping consumers bypass …

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House Passes New Autonomous Vehicle Bill

Driverless vehicles are already among us. As the technology charges forward, lawmakers are wrestling with the best way to regulate autonomous vehicles. On September 6, the House of Representatives passed sweeping legislation for highly-autonomous vehicles (HAVs). Among other things, the bill gave the federal government the power to regulate their design, construction, and performance. The bill …

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New Truck Unveils from Volvo, International, and more!

Newer doesn’t always mean better, but oh boy, these new trucks!  Recently Volvo Truck North America and International Trucks unveiled new regional trucks.  Both makers have listened to their client base and made new trucks they feel will improve goods transportation.  This includes improved fuel efficiency.  They’ve also kept their drivers in mind when making …

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